Why does having a web presence make good business sense?

  • In North America nearly 75% of people use the Internet. That’s a potential market of 251 million people. Let us help you tap into that marketplace.
  • In the increasingly competitive marketplace it is necessary to separate your business from the competition. We can help by working with you to design a professional and custom website that will help attract new business and keep current customers.
  • A short radio or newspaper ad can only convey a limited amount of information. However, by adding your website address to the ad you now have the potential to share much more about your business. Internet consumers are educated consumers. Take advantage of the opportunity to educate consumers about your products or services.
  • Consumers want to be able to find information anytime of day or night. An e-commerce site can produce sales at anytime, even while you’re sleeping. Even if you don’t do e-commerce, you can provide information about your business 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Get your domain name before it’s gone. Think about what domain name you would like to have. Is it still available? Many of the better domain names are already registered, but if your creative, you can find one that fits your business. Do you have a Yahoo.com or Hotmail.com email address for your business? Receive your email at yourname@yourdomain.com
  • Reduce the cost of serving your customers. Provide vital and current information to your customers with downloadable forms, FAQs and customer response forms.

Websites Examples:

FranklinAltmanWebSite TaraCooksWebSite

Integrity Focus Technologies Website Development Process

Planning - It is vital to have a good customer oriented planning process. Proper planning will provide a good platform on which to build the components of the website.

Design - Customer input is also vital in the design process. Integrity Focus Technologies uses design tools that will allow the customer to participate at a detailed level if necessary in the design process.

Development - Once planning and design have taken place, the website will be developed with content provided by the customer.

Photography - If needed Integrity Focus Technologies can provide photography services for your facility, products, staff etc.

CMS - Content Management System – Integrity Focus Technologies will develop your website so that you can maintain the basic content yourself after it is completed.