Using the resources of the Internet has become a daily task for most of us. Three quarters of the people in North America are Internet users. There are over 225 million web sites in the world. This is a mammoth community. As in any community there are those that contribute to the well-being of others, there are those involved in commerce and there are those who feed off of others and are a danger to others.Just as we are careful to protect our family members from dangerous parts of the world we should protect them from the dangers of the Internet.

We protect our families from the dangers in the world in various ways: proximity, locked doors, healthy environment, preventive medicine. We should also protect our families from Internet dangers in similar ways.


Internet Safety Class Slides

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  • Proximity – Internet connected computers should be in a family area of the home so that parents can keep an eye on Internet usage.
  • Use passwords to lock computers when not in use. Use filtering software to lock out objectionable content.
  • Provide a healthy computing environment by keeping operating system patches up to date and being very careful what is installed.
  • Use preventive measures such as antivitus, antispyware and firewall software.

Richard Beard of Integrity Focus Technologies has taught Internet safety classes to help parents protect their families.

If you or your organization are interested in hosting an Internet safety class please contact him at


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